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‘Timing Is Everything’ is Madeline Finn’s latest track.

photo credit: Andrew Wells
Madeline Finn has just released an upbeat single called ‘Timing Is Everything’. With what is happening in our world right Madeline thought that an encouraging song would be good to release. I agree! We need more uplifting songs right now. Originally the song was written about Madeline’s move to Nashville from Cleveland. Leaving someone who was special to her she wrote this song to communicate how she felt, that she would hold a place in her heart for that person forever. A beautiful meaning that I can relate to as I have moved from country to country and the lyrics could have been written for me when I left Hong Kong. As the song was worked on it became more than this meaning, but a song that can relate to us all in different circumstances. 
Madeline states this about the song;

“I came to find that Timing Is Everything really clicked with the idea that we are always at the right place, at the right time, learning the right lessons. This has been more of a living mantra as I’ve been on my path to being a more understanding and grateful human.”

I think that her thoughts on ‘Timing Is Everything’ are true. Timing-wise for the world was spot on for some sort of World event, to make us all be more aware of our impact on the world, our hygiene, the way we treat each other and giving each other space are things that have been highlighted in this time. Madeline also states that ‘Timing Is Everything’ has helped her through her own personal journey and it is a sign of a good song when it can mean something different for others. 

‘Timing Is Everything’ displays Madeline’s unique sounding vocal sound. It has a lot of strength and variation that I love. This is a very solid release in every aspect. Take a listen to ‘Timing Is Everything’ here. 

Madeline Finn · Timing Is Everything

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