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Qwiet Type releases new single ‘Little Ol’ Me’.

Solo artist Qwiet Type is a DYI artist, writing and producing his own songs. You have to listen to his new single called ‘Little Ol’ Me’ and make up your own mind about what genre he fits into. His sound is a combination of indie, alternative, pop, funk, synth-pop, experimental, electronica, new wave and a little hip hop. Qwiet Type is like me, he loves music from any decade and genre, if a song is good it does not matter where it fits in. 

Qwiet Type’s latest single ‘Little Ol’ Me’ demonstrates his musical skills on so many instruments. Vocally you can hear his accent which I love and the sound is excellent. I really like the song’s meaning as this is what I have been working on while in Iso. If we look at everything in the world it is so stressful and causes me anxiety. If I just look at my little world at home with the ones that I love I feel so much better. I have worked hard to change my world at home for the better and I do feel so much better. 

‘Little Ol’ Me’ has it all, a great meaning, catchy music and brilliant vocals. Take a listen here, it is well worth it!

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