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SHY Martin drops new single ‘Nobody Likes Moving On’.

Shy Martin is not new to the music industry.  She has co-written and featured on Mike Perry’s “The Ocean (ft. SHY Martin) that won Spotify Sweden’s  ‘Most streamed Song of the Year’ with over 550 million plus streams. Shy’s songs that she has written have over 3 billion Spotify streams and you are about to find out why if you listen to her new single called ‘Nobody Likes Moving On’.

Shy started writing songs when she was younger as a means of self-expression. Not being able to talk about her feelings she wrote letters to her mum to communicate how she felt. Using this experience Shy has written ‘Nobody Likes Moving On’ when talking about breakups and moving on.  Based on her own experiences after a recent breakup who shares friends with and works in the music industry and loves the same part of town. One of her songwriting team suggested that friends and places are divided and this lead to the song highlighting how hard breakups really are. 

‘Nobody Likes Moving On’ is a great showcase for Shy’s incredible vocals. The vocals are supported well by the guitar at the start which is when I knew I would review this song. Add in the emotional meaning that most people will relate to ‘Nobody Likes Moving On’ really is the full package. Take a listen here.



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