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Estella releases new single called ‘Wonderlust’.

New Zealand born yet Colorado-based singer-songwriter Estella has a unique sound. It is a fusion of neo soul, rock and pop with her lyrics being honest and upfront. Estella’s vocal is so smooth just like honey and stands out from the crowd. It is quite distinctive if I heard on it another song I would recognise it. To me, that is a sign of an incredible voice and after you listen you will think that too. 

Estella is releasing a new single every six weeks for the rest of the year. Her next song is due out 4th of June and it is called ‘I Dare You’. For now, let’s look at ‘Wonderlust’. This song explores the conflicting, confusing and sometimes damaging views on women and their bodies. If you listen to the lyrics you can tell that Estella is expressing her strong feelings, and I agree that we should be able to be the way we are as well as doing what we want with our bodies. I admire Estella to write a song with so much meaning to support women who struggle with body shaming and issues. 

Estella states “So to anyone that needs to hear it today, be confident, be strong, be sassy, be the damn boss.” Yeah! Agreed! Take a listen here. 


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