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Roman Rouge drops new single ‘The Other Me’.

Roman Rouge is from El Paso, TX and uses inspirations from his hometown. Roman is ready to tackle the music industry and to use his personal experiences to continue to write great songs. Roman states that Majid Jordan and The Weeknd are his influences including how their songs are full of charisma. 

During my first listen to Roman Rouge’s latest single ‘The Other Me’ I really liked his soulful vocal sound. The delivery of the lyrics, that are perfectly supported by the music, really gets the meaning of the song across. The song is about how someone is in love him but does not really know his true self. I like the honesty and passion that I can both hear and feel from the sound and lyrics of ‘The Other Me’. I look forward to hearing what Roman releases next and to hear him in 5 years. He is still young and the more develops his sound using the talent he has, he can only get better! 

Roman states, “The main theme of my music is to be aware of why you are who you are, and how you can let your past experiences define you, learn from your mistakes, move on and be better”. The best songs in the world are written from personal experience so Roman is on the right path! Listen to ‘The Other Me’ here. 



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