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Highride drops new single called ‘Drifting’.

Formed back in 2006 Highride are a punk rock band who have worked hard building their fan base. Taking a break from their usual sound to show a softer side they have released a new single called ‘Drifting’.

‘Drifting’ starts off as a slow acoustic ballad that builds into a rock song. With guitar and harmonica kicking on the song, the scene is set for meaningful lyrics. I was pleased that the meaning did not disappoint. Exploring how difficult it is to be drifting in life, not knowing where you are heading, and meanwhile trying to support people close to you. A timely song as I have felt that feeling, where is my life going when I have been in lockdown since March. With my illness, I can’t leave my house even though restrictions have been lifted. I can sing the lyrics to ‘Drifting’ with meaning. I do like a song that I can connect to at a deep level like I do with ‘Drifting’.

I love the vocals, they are unique and have their accent intact, something that I love. At the 3 minute mark, there is an impressive guitar solo that leads into the heavier part of the song. I love the variation in the song. Makes it a really interesting and engaging song. Take a listen here!



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