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Glom releases new single ‘Awash’.

Classic Alt Rockers Glom was formed with mates Sean Dunnevant, Peter Beiser, Sahil Ansari, and Jonathan Harwood started a band back in High school to play the Beatles and Stokes songs. Adding Jordan Wolff and Jonathan Crandall to the band made Glom a band with talented multi-instrumentalists ready to get their music out to the world. 

Glom has just released their new single called ‘Awash’. I was immediately entranced by the song, the richness of the music, then the unforgettable vocals that follow the melody, blending in, especially in the chorus. The song is more than just sounding great, it takes a look at not looking forward and living in the past which causes sadness. 

Glom is involved in their creative community and have started an artistic partnership with Rachel Hayden, Slow Process and Dodge 112. Rachel Hayden has used her talents to design the album artwork and there are plans for an upcoming collection from clothing brand Slow Process – linked to Merit – that would tie all three disciplines together. 

Choose your platform to listen to ‘Awash’ here.

Or listen here

Glom · Awash

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