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Estella Dawn drops new single ‘Filler 2.0’.

23 year old Estella Dawn was born in New Zealand (Kiwi) and is now based in Colorado. Estella is a super hard worker and has released a single every six weeks this year alone! Being a singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Estella really has the chance to release music true to her self. With multiple layers of vocals and music her sound is incredible. I have reviewed many of her singles and when I see her name on my submission list, I hit play straight away!

Her single ‘Filler 2.0’ is a song about a relationship with a difference. it explores how when someone is always comparing you to their ex, you fill like a filler, just filling what that person is missing. In order to move on old relationships need to be let go rather than wanting a carbon copy of their ex. With Estella’s emotive vocals the story takes you on an expressive journey. Take a listen her and go on with that journey with her!

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