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Cryptodira Releases: “Better Left Unsaid”

Promo cover art

Better Left Unsaid

Cryptodira has released a surprise EP today titled Better Left Unsaid with a visualizer for the title track. These songs are the first music the band is releasing since The Devil’s Despair (2017), which received critical acclaim. Heavy Blog is Heavy stated that the LP is the band’s “contribution to the ongoing answer for the progressive metal conundrum. It shows that there’s still reason and life in the genre, that in its sometimes over the top and too self-serious highs and lows, there are still interesting ideas and powerful emotions to be manifested.”
The band will also release an all-new LP titled The Angel of History later this year. The Angel of History and Better Left Unsaid were both recorded in January 2020 at The Basement Studios in Winston-Salem, NC, and produced by Jamie King and Cryptodira.

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