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Nothing but a Nightmare releases single ‘Kleptomania’

Nothing but a Nightmare, founded in 2017 by five high school best friends in Langhorne PA is an Alternative/Rock/Pop band that has seen some amazing highs in their short time as a band together. In 2018 they released their first two singles, “The Girl from Scandinavia” and “Down That Road No More”. The music video for “The Girl from Scandinavia” debuted shortly after, which was a hit with local teens and press. In February 2019, the band released their debut album “Nostalgia” which also received much streaming success. In May 2019 the band had the opportunity to open for Andy Grammer at the “Wilmington Flower Market Festival” which was a huge success for the band as the event had an amazing draw. After that in June 2019 the band released three new singles, including their top streamed song and music video “Can’t Fix Stupid”. After a short hiatus the band returned with their latest singles “Sittin’ in the Corner (Friday Night in Boston)” and “Living in a Lie” . Amongst all these high points, the band also plays countless shows in the local Philadelphia area, and hopes to extend outward. The band hopes to work their way up in a competitive “Alternative Rock” market. In 2020 they plan on releasing new music and playing more and more shows!

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