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roberts. drops new single called ‘Goals’.

American pop punk singer/songwriter roberts. from Ohio has just released a new single called ‘Goals’. After a ten years break from writing music, roberts. found that there were still songs in his head that had to come out. Lucky us! I love the catchy guitar that supports the vocals so the meaningful lyrics are at the fore front. I adore the vocal sound, I find them quite unique which matches the individualised lyrics.

‘Goals’ is an adulation to the people in roberts. life that inspire what he actually wants from a relationship. Like sharing things that he loves with a partner and to treat the person like his friends do. I love how a male is planning to have a marriage and kids, as it is not often I hear this. I also like how the theme is him stating what his romantic goals are, having an actual partner not just a one night stand, but a real relationship. Refreshing theme I must say. The lyrics really do state roberts. relationship goals. I really hope his goals are achieved.

‘Goals is well worth a listen. I really look forward to hearing more from roberts. Hoping it is not another 10 years though!

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