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JUICYPEAR drops single ‘Caught Up’.

JUICYPEAR clearly like puns! Being a duo, other wise a pair, one of the duo, Jasmine suggested the name as a joke. Her husband Jacob, the other part of the duo liked it, as did their family and friends so JUICYPEAR was born! Pears are a comfort food for many and this is what Jasmine and Jacob want for their music, to be listened to and enjoyed and bring comfort to the listeners. I love that!

‘Caught Up’ is JUICYPEAR’s latest single that showcases Jasmines amazing vocal sound and range. The music is super catchy and really puts me in a great and energetic mood each time I listen. Meaning wise, it reminds us to not to let time fly by, but enjoy each day as it comes. I think it is a great reminder especially during this time of uncertainty around the world due to COVID 19. So turn up the volume and take a listen to ‘Caught Up’ and enjoy your day!

DIG IN TO JUICYPEAR. CHILL OUT. ENJOY: Website // Instagram // Facebook // YouTube

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