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Lola Scott releases new single called ‘The Eviction Song’.

Sydney has a new indie pop artist to add to it’s vibrant local talent called Lola Scott. She just released a new single called ‘The Eviction Song’ that features her incredible unique vocals that have a huge range. This song is from her debut EP, 1/4 Life Crisis, due for release in 2021. Lola started playing the guitar at 8 and continued her love of music all the way to studying it at university.

The Eviction Song’ as I said, features Lola’s quirky vocals but also is based on a relatable experience. After a long term relationship fizzled out she moved back in to a shared house and then got evicted. In what Lola cleverly calls her 1/4 life crisis, having moved 6 times in 4 years she wrote ‘The Eviction Song’. This time cemented her relationships with her house mates and having close friends was a positive thing that came out of housing chaos.

Take a listen to ‘The Eviction Song’ her to hear Lola’s natural vocal talent that I predict will make this song get noticed!

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