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Rupert Stroud releases incredible new single called ‘Normal People’.

Singer Songwriter Rupert Stroud has just released a gem of a song based on the TV show ‘Normal People’ which I loved. The meaning and atmosphere of the TV show is captured in this single in great detail. I adore Rupert’s vocals that are filled with emotion and really sound like they actually originate deep in his soul.

What I liked about the TV show was how it showed how people actually act. Rupert agrees, as he says “The song is most definitely inspired by the recent BBC TV adaption of Normal People, but the song is also a reflection of my personal relationship,” he explains. “The ups and the downs and how sometimes you can doubt yourself, your decisions, and how you treated that person you love. But despite it all you find the courage to fight for the relationship and make it work. ” This is definitely is how real normal people act. Do your self a favour and listen to this ballad ‘Normal People’.

Find Rupert Stroud at, and

Also check out his take on No Diggity here

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