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King Youngblood releases new single ‘Yakubian Antics’.

Photo by Chase Fade 

Best punk song of 2020! Brilliant meaningful lyrics that highlight the injustice in the US now and in the past. Sounds great too! Music Injection Aus

Take a listen to Alt rockers King Youngblood’s new single ‘Yakubian Antics’ and you will agree that this is a song that the US needs to hear loud and clear right now. Using the term Yakubian which is the most disrespectful way to racially call a person ‘White’ is fine by me to use in regard to the racially charged events of 2020 in the US. The people that this song is targeted at deserve to be called that. This song is cleverly packaged with an intense visual music video (Danny Denial) that focusses on a black woman protest leader – activist, actor, musical artist Jaiden Grayson.

When I think of a Punk song I think of a song that has a message of a struggle that is relevant and timely. After my first listen to ‘Yakubian Antics’ I realised that not only did this song sound great but the meaning was certainly relevant and timely! I can’t begin to imagine what it is like to be black in the US at any time in history but what I can do is share punk songs like this one to help get the message out. This review is written just before the US election and from all the way over here in Australia we can feel the tension. I can imagine ‘Yakubian Antics’ being sung at loud volume with Donald Trump in mind.

Fans of Zebrahead will love the structure and sound of ‘Yakubian Antics’. Take a listen here.








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