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Desoto Jones drop new single ‘Water to Flame’.

“Water to Flame deserves to climb the charts quickly and to the top. Incredible sound, both lyrically and musically!”

Desoto Jones has an alternative rock sound that I adore. Very Jimmy Eat World, whose music I listen to everyday. ‘Water to Flame’, Desoto Jones’ 2020 release is a song that I have to keep hitting repeat on. The infectiousness keeps me singing along to it well after I listen. Yesterday I had it in my head all day at work and that is a good thing! I adore the vocals, their sound and the way they make me remember the 90’s Alt rock obsession I have had ever since the 90’s!

The energetic infectious pop sound is not the only brilliance related to ‘Water to Flame’ is a exploration of the state of the US’s political landscape. The narrative is very anti Trump and I love that! Good riddance I say. Take a listen to ‘Water to Flame’ here and please if you love it share it as it should be heard by everyone who likes great music.

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