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Madeline Finn releases new single ‘Whippoorwill’

I just heard a song that needs to be listened to right now! ‘Whippoorwill’ is the song that showcases Madeline Finn’s incredibly beautiful vocal sound! Talk about a relatable song. ‘Whippoorwill’ is a conversation that Madeline has with her future self and the things that she would be willing to give up to get there. The song shows how determined Madeline is to use her talent, song writing and vocal to reach her goals. Go for it Madeline!

In my opinion Madeline Finn’s songs including ‘Whippoorwill’ and ‘Timing is everything’ (read review here) need to be heard by all. Take a listen here and if you like what you hear please share it! I can’t wait to hear what Madeline Finn releases next.

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