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MiG 15 drops acoustic version of their first single ‘Bite the Bullet’.

Listening to MiG 15 ‘s acoustic version of ‘Bite the Bullet’ makes me wonder why I have not heard this song before! I will be doing a Spotify look later to hear the original song and other songs of theirs. I love a good political song and ‘Bite the Bullet’ is no exception. MiG 15 is based on James McCluskey’s personal experience of watching Fighter Jets in military bases where he lived as a teenager. It is a symbol of the Cold War, of actions of politicians, who lie and manipulate the population. In 2020 we now have many ways that politicians can get their lies to us, I mean look at Donald Trump and twitter for example. Anyway, before I start a political rant, let’s go back and look at their single ‘Bite the Bullet’. This song showcases Adam’s unique and beautiful vocals more so than the original. ‘Bite the Bullet’ is a great way for MiG 15 to finish such a horrible year and they have promised many more singles in 2021.

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