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empty measures share their latest single ‘Still Here”.

empty measures have just released a raw emotional song called ‘Still Here’. empty measures were going to release this single in January but due to the pain filled 2020, felt it prudent to release it now. Agreed. I listen to music to process my emotions and empty measures write it to process theirs. Listening to ‘Still Here’ is an emotional journey as the lyrics are so brilliantly written and relatable to a very deep level. Best listened when you have a moment to process your reaction and feelings. ‘Still Here’ is clearly about suicide but it could also be about other emotional journey’s. Each person can relate to this song in a different way. This song will initiate hope regardless.

‘Still Here’ showcases the beautiful and emotion filled vocals. Honestly, when I listen, the vocals bring up sadness and reflection just as much as the lyrics do. The Cello is a perfect choice as it too is full of intense passion.

I encourage you to listen to ‘Still Here’. This stripped back song is haunting and meaningful. It is difficult to find the words to share with you on how it makes me feel, as it is deeply personal. The first time I listened my reaction was ‘Wow’. I wonder what your will be.

spotify @emptymeasures youtube bandcamp 

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