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‘Last Dance With Sadie Hawkins’ is the latest track by Pilots in Training.

Alternative rockers Pilots in Training have just released a really musically interesting song. This song ‘Last Dance With Sadie Hawkins’ includes using unique percussion sounds, such as combs, pens and pepsi cans. One sound I never would have thought a band would use is the clicking of a parrots beak! Pilots in Training is made up of Mark Mazzarella (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Blake Buckets (Drums) and Darvis Taylor (Bass). I love how ‘Last Dance With Sadie Hawkins’ holds my attention right to the last note. Marks vocals sound great and I love the bass line, thanks Darvis for that, especially around the 2.40 mark. ‘Last Dance With Sadie Hawkins’ is a alt rock song that is worth checking out. Do that here.

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