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Zayde Wolf drops a catchy tune ‘Back at It’.

“‘Back at It‘ is a perfect lockdown anthem, remembering the times pre Covid that we took for granted”

Nashville-based producer and musician Dustin Burnett has written music that no doubt you would have heard. He has licensed songs to film trailers, television shows and video games, to major domestic and international advertisements on the internet with Fox, NBC, ABC, ESPN, MTV and more.

Dustin has a solo project called Zayde Wolf that started back in 2016. This project allowed him to have his own vocal sound heard which is a treat. He has released an indie pop gem of a song called ‘Back at It’ that deserves to rise high in the charts. I adore the energy in ‘Back at It’ and can sing along a really mean what I sing. I am sure that we all want to get back into our lives and do the things we enjoy before this world wide pandemic. ‘Back at It’ is a must listen to and you can do that here.

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