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WE ARE ISO drop new single ‘Love n’ Trust’ plus lockdown listicle.

If you are in lockdown or iso and need a dance track to raise your spirits, then look no further than this gem of a dance track called ‘Love n’ Trust’. This tune is from an up and coming Aussies artist called WE ARE ISO. This song is a real festival tune that I would give anything to hear at a real live Festival right now!

Jen – Music Injection Aus

Thrilling dance pop newcomers We Are Iso have just released their lush new single Love n’ Trust – a considered track that floats through the perils of a one-sided relationship – accompanied by a stunning video directed by Alan Woodman of Nixie Films.

We Are Iso, which is comprised of vocalist Straalen Mccallum and DJ Jessy Mulholland, were formed during the pandemic, and spent their time in isolation honing their unique brand of dance pop.

Love n’ Trust is an undeniable dancefloor filler – the pulsing rhythm and sweet synths throughout are guaranteed to get bodies moving.  It’s electronic house-inspired dance pop at its finest; inspired by the likes of Chet Faker, Running Touch, Hayden James and RÜFÜS DU SOL, We Are Iso have an instant classic on their hands with Love n’ Trust.  Speaking on the creation of the song, DJ Jessy Mulholland says, The song started off with just a simple vocal hook – “love… trust” – and evolved into a story about a long-term relationship that was very much one-sided love.  The couple are stuck in a loophole with no escape – even at their worst, when they fight and cheat on each other, they stay together, hoping one day they could just let it go…This song is groovy as, with a heavy festival vibe.  You can’t help but dance to it and the hook gets stuck in your head!  We are so proud of this one!”

With more than half of Australian in week of Lockdown, lots of people chilling in Hotel Quarantine, and WE ARE ISO bringing out their amazing new single Love n’ Trust,  everyone is experiencing a bit of ISO. Here they have their TOP 5 ISO ACTIVITIES:

  1. Our top ISO activity would have to be locking ourselves up in the studio with the heater on (straalen hates the heater) till the sun goes down or till the sun comes up haha.
  1. Straalen – During isolation, I’ve really enjoyed having a stack of plants to look after! Planting everything from seed and watching it grow! It’s fun and clears the mind! Just started growing a few avos and pumpkins this week!
  1. Jessy – non stop fortnite. Sitting at home all day being able to do nothing and just gaming all day is every mans dream.
  1. Songwriting! Going on zoom calls with producers and songwriters around the world and creating new songs. Really forces you to reach out to other people and try new things! We’ve managed to really build a huge catalog of songs during ISO!

  2. Running around with our dogs until one of us passes out. Jessy – I got a German Shepard named Millie. Straalen – Got two crazy boxer dogs! Named Leroy and Huntley so they’ve been loving the extra time at home! 

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