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Quality Not Quantity Key To WJRR Earthday Birthday Success

This fun one day event just keeps getting better.

While other promoters have hosted or plan to host multi day events, with general admission tickets costing hundreds of dollars, WJRR’s Earthday Birthday continues to offer it’s single day affordable celebration.  After twenty seven years, why change the formula that works?
This underdog in the festival world once again hit a home run and this time it was at the historic Tinker Field.
Although attendence was a few less than past years, it was hardly noticed. My rough estimate would be fifteen to twenty thousand. a respectable number to be sure.

The weather, while hot, certainly was more desirable than previously forecast. The variety of artists was also a treat. From Nobody’s Fool, an 80’s artist Cinderella Tribute band, Goth Metal band Vampires Everywhere to the always energizing Shinedown, there was much to hear and enjoy.
Dirty Honey showed up with one of the day’s best sets. Sexy. There, I said it. I can not get enough if this band since I saw them at Rocklahoma in 2019.
The atmosphere clearly electrified the artists too as more than one ( Chris Jericho, of Fozzy, members of Vampires Everywhere, and Jesse Hasek of Ten Years) all climbed up the stage rigging and  Marc LaBelle oF Dirty Honey jumped off the stage into pit to interact with the crowd.

I love to check out other stages than just main as that is where you can find some hidden treasures. This was true for the Even The Odd stage. A fun find was Blood Bath and Beyond, whose versions of female pop songs and 80’s hits with a metal twist were down right brilliant. Talk about audience participation. They had tons of engagement. The Other LA, was terrific. Strong seductive vocals, and a great all around stage presence led the compliments. 

VIP on all levels was well put together, and had private restrooms, free bottled water and what appeared to be pretty decent food for a festival of this size.  Fans were generally well behaved, kind to each other and adhered to the no moshing policy.

Candlebox had a solid performance and Shinedown left everything on the stage with their final show of the tour. It was a terrific celebration of not only Earthday (which we all know is not in September) but a return to some semblance of normal if only for a single day.  It gave us all a boost of hope.

Review and photos by @metallicougar Belinda Reedy Hinton

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