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Empty Measures drop meaningful tune called ‘Don’t Cut Me Down’.

Empty Measures met back in 2016 when they attended a songwriting class whose objectives were for the writers to find their own voice. Fast forward to 2021 and Empty Measures have released an incredible song that each time I listen, the meaning for me becomes more powerful. Empty Measures write songs to share their truth and to process pain. I think they have found their voice. I love it when I can connect to songs that other people write, that express my feelings, both positive and negative. I love the vocal sound as well and the repeating lyrics give the meaning a punch.

‘Don’t Cut Me Down’ is a beautiful song both meaning wise and to listen to. Originally it was written about a library tree that they were trying to save but listening to the lyrics, the song had two meanings to me. One closely relates to the apathy of the Australian government in regard to climate change. Their lack of action is cutting the next generation’s life to either be shorter or a lot less pleasant. Secondly, I can relate it to dealing with some unpleasant people who seem to want to make my life miserable.

I could see this song being used as the focus of an ad on the dangers of Climate Change and what will happen if leaders of the world don’t snap out of their apathetic attitudes towards our earth’s future. With images of inaction, and images of destruction.

Take a listen to ‘Don’t Cut Me Down’ and see if it means something different to you. If it does, comment below or tell the band on Instagram.

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