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Micah Emrich releases new single ‘no sleep’.


I adore everything about singer-songwriter Micah Emrich’s latest track ‘no sleep’. Many will relate to the song’s meaning of chasing dreams as well as working all hours of the day. I know I do! It is more than that though, I love the uniqueness of the melody and Micah’s incredible vocals. The more I listen, the more I connect to what the song is exploring, and it is much more than operating on no sleep. The pressures of what people tell us to do that is against what we want to do with our lives. ‘no sleep’ is a song worthy to become a hit as it certainly ticks all my boxes for a perfect song. Check out ‘no sleep’ below and follow Micah on social media to keep up with his news.

micahemrichofficial.comInstagram YouTube SoundCloud

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