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Aquarius releases new EP ‘EQUINOX’ + Sam chats to Jen

Australian Prog rockers, Aquarius have just released ‘EQUINOX’ that they have worked on over the last two pandemic ridden years. Sam Heidke is a instrumentalist and songwriter who reflected on how he has not been using his musical talent and that the time was right over the past two years as he was expecting a new addition to his family. Georgia Eyes, classically trained singer joins him on the EP.

The result is a epic melodious 4 track EP that is fully engaging. I adore the beautiful vocals of Georgia Eyes, her haunting style adds another layer. Musically, right from the first note it is intricate and powerful. A solid release from Aquarius.” -Jen

Jen got the opportunity to talk to Sam about ‘Equinox’.

Hi Sam, congrats on the release of your latest EP ‘Equinox’. Timing wise, did the Pandemic and lockdowns have anything to do with your decision to start taking your talent seriously? 

Not really to be honest, more of a push for me was the fact I was having a baby that was born in September so I knew I needed to get the EP out before she was born to get the ball rolling. That grouped with inspiration by Baden from Ocean Alley was a perfect motivator for me.

Congrats! You went to school and played with Baden, can you explain how he is an inspiration for you?

Yes I’ve known Baden for a long time. Seeing Ocean Alley grow and become very successful used to always remind me of how I failed to do anything musically for myself. Listening to them on the radio was always a constant reminder for me that I didn’t do enough. They were definitely a key stimulator that drove me to record this EP. I think without him, I would of just forgotten about music. One day would love to support them or be on the same festival line up.

While I am writing this, I am listening to ‘Enemies I called My Brothers’. Which actually to be honest it is hard to do both at the same time. I found myself getting lost in the music, and when Georgia Eyes’ vocals start it was a wow moment. I was really enjoying the music, and I think the addition of her beautiful vocals are amazing. Is she a guest on the EP? How did it come about working with her? 

She is the wife of the producer ‘Daniel Natoli’. I knew I wanted a female singer on the track but Daniel just suggested Georgia & I heard her sing so knew it would be a great match. Was great working with them on the track. Everything flowed very well & was a good energy in the studio. 

‘God’ is a real thought-provoking track! Really took me on a journey of sorts thinking about the universe. Your songs are certainly not shallow! Can you tell me your thought process behind writing this song? 

Yes I wanted a deep track like ‘God’ that really takes people on a journey and makes them think of their own lives. The concept that Alan Watts talks about is a concept I have implemented in my own life so I want people to really listen to the message and hopefully be able to assist others. 

Going back to ‘Enemies I called My Brothers’, now I have listened to all the tracks, I found that I was most attracted to this one. There must be a story behind it. Can you please share this?

Yes there definitely is. I wrote the guitar parts for this song when I was 18. It’s a song I always wanted to record first up. With lyrics from verse it’s basically about life & the journey we are all on, about doing what you want to do, leaving toxic people behind & not living by other peoples opinions or views of yourself. At a fundamental level the message I wanted to convey is to ‘become who you want to be’. Those concepts are all concepts I have learnt and applied into my life during the recording of the EP. For someone to say ‘this song helped me through hard times’ is the ultimate goal I want to achieve with this song. 

A great message! It has taken me many years to become the person I wanted to be. Leaving behind toxic controlling people was something that I wished I had of done earlier. Back to the EP. Your cover art is incredible! Can you explain the significance of having an image of a baby in the centre? 

Yes the baby represents my own personal life – having our first baby girl in September. But also a baby is a representation of new life & the birth of ‘Aquarius’. This EP is the birth of Aquarius & I am really excited to be bringing new music in the future.

You have poured your heart and soul into this EP, that is very clear! Do you have high hopes to tour Australia soon? 

Thankyou, Yes I really want to start playing live shows around Australia & get more listeners to our music. I am in talks now of recording our first studio album. I think I need a bit more material to people to enjoy then want to set up playing live shows on festival lineups & supporting our bands around Australia, New Zealand. 

Thanks Sam, let’s catch up again when you release more music.

Thanks so much. I really want to blow listeners away with what Im working with at the moment. 

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