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Landon Conrath releases amazing single ‘Static’!

Indie-pop artist Landon Conrath has had a super busy last couple of years! Through the pandemic, he graduated college, signed a record deal with Nettwerk, released many songs and has a new relationship. Now he has released a new single called ‘Static’ that really showcases his incredible vocals. Landon is so much more than a brilliant vocalist, he is a songwriter-producer that began his music career drumming until he sang to a friend who was clearly impressed as I am and he was encouraged to step in front of the band rather than keep the beat. Landon’s ‘Static is from his new EP called Dazed & Confused.

As my readers know I love songs that are relatable to people. Landon states “I never wanted to make anything that was based on a trend. It’s exciting to have the freedom to really choose who I want to be and what I want to say. My goal is to make music that people can connect with.” Well, he is doing this, he has passed 6 million streams on Spotify! Right now Landon is working on his debut album with producer/songwriters including Rob Cohen (Portugal. The Man, Wallows, MUNA), Jamie Sierota (Echosmith) and Jayden Seely (With Confidence, Zach Hood) Side note – Jayden is a local artist I used to see and meet regularly in With Confidence’s early Days and is an amazing songwriter. Back to Landon! You must check out ‘Static’ here, and follow him on Social media to keep up with his news. Landon has massive potential as an artist so start listening now!

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