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Ghost Town Remedy drops timely song ‘This December’.

Don’t let the intro to ‘This December’ fool you! It starts as gentle reflective music then jumps into pop punk power! Ghost Town Remedy are renowned for their honest, relatable lyrics, and in ‘This December’ they explore the seasonal depression that so many of us get. I like the start of the song, it seemed to me to be relaxed as November, then bang, it turns December and the world goes crazy and fast-paced, just like the music. Love that contrast! In ‘This December’ takes a look at struggling through a Christmas period breakup with lyrics that describe how it feels seeing someone else move on. Especially when the end of the year is a time we reflect on the year we have had. I love the main vocals and the addition of four-part vocals singing loud harmonies to support the meaning. The guitars are amazing, driving and melodic. I have to mention my fav part of a song, the bass line that is loud and clear especially in the verses and of course I can’t leave out the smashing drums! If you feel that you have not enjoyed the past few days, and are not looking forward to New Year’s Eve, this song is for you! Keep an ear out for their upcoming EP ‘Terminally Chill‘ out in January.

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