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‘Short on Love’ is the latest track from Ronjo V.

I was delighted to hear that Ronjo V had released his second track. I loved his first single called ‘Corpus Christi Bay’ (see review here) so I was keen to take a listen to ‘Short on Love’. I was not disappointed in any way, in fact, this song is heading to my fav playlist on Spotify. Ronjo V, AKA Ryan Joseph is an Austin based producer and songwriter. He is a Van-lifer, and this is part of the theme of ‘Short on Love’, the searching for love while being free to travel. The imagery used in the lyrics is impressive as well the focus of well, the shortage of love. Even though the song seems upbeat, the song is tinged with introspection, with the lyrics “I used to think I had it all” then Ryan realising that there is something missing. Take a listen to ‘Short on Love’ and follow Ronjo V on social media to keep up with his news.

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