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‘Time is Ticking Like a Clock’ is Filip Dahl’s latest release.

The first aspect of ‘Time is Ticking Like a Clock’ I noticed was the amazing guitar riff. This introduction led to a classic hard rock song with a touch of heavy metal. Filip Dahl states that “I am really getting back to my roots on this classic hard rock track, performing all parts of it on guitars, bass, synths, lead and backing vocals. Filip is no newcomer to the music industry, with his first experience with music was fronting Norwegian rock bands back in the 70’s. He then became an engineer and record producer and founded the Trondheim based Brygga Studio during the 80’s and 90’s. After a break, he returned to write, perform, record and produce his own albums. There is so much more to add about Filip Dahls musical career! Let’s leave it as he is one hell of a talented artist!

Back to ‘Time is Ticking Like a Clock’. As I said the guitar riff was instantly engaging which meant I was keen to hear the whole song. I was not disappointed, I adore Filip’s vocal sound and how it adds to the build up of the song. As the title suggests the song takes a look at how we need to live now, day by day. He shares his wisdom on this, as over the years he has seen people not live their best life. This is a concept that is dear to my heart, as I am aware that I have wasted years in a relationship that was never going to make me happy. Once I was able to realise that life is short, I turned my life around. So I do like singing along with the lyrics of ‘Time is Ticking Like a Clock’ knowing that I have done my best to make the most of my time. It is impressive that Filip does everything on this track. A highlight is the guitar solo! Knowing this I think it is worth checking out his other releases from his most recent releases last year “When You Meet Someone Like You”, “Celebrating the Joy of Life” and “I Know the Time is Coming to Say Goodbye to You”. Follow Filip on Social media below to find out more. In the meantime take a listen to ‘Time is Ticking Like a Clock’ here.

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