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Rich Jacques releases new single ‘Montecito’.

Experienced and successful singer songwriter and producer Rich Jacques has just released a beautiful tune called ‘Montecito’. This song makes me want to shut my eyes, lay back on my bed with my noise cancelling headphones and play it on repeat. Which I did! What a relaxing song! Rich’s smooth vocals and detailed imagery create an escape from real life.

Rich Jacques wrote ‘Montecito’ as a love letter to Montecito in California as well as Renee, Paul, Meelie, RAB. After having a health issue Rich moved from Los Angeles to his friends Renee and Paul while he recouperated. Scott Effman co wrote the song with Rich.

A sign of a great song, no a brilliant song is that different meanings can be percieved by different people. As I stated above, I feel this song is an escape, a way to relax. Take a listen and see what ‘Montecito’ means to you. I am now listening to Rich Jacque’s ‘Where is Home’ and loving that as well! Check out his Spotify to hear more.

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