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COYLE GIRELLI tells Jen the Top 5 best things about living in New York City!

  1. Pizza – best pizza in the world hands down. Whether it’s a slice on the go, a 99c cheese slice or the real good stuff at somewhere like Lucali’s in Brooklyn, New York pizza is always top draw. No comparison. The best. 
  2. Central Park – it’s my haven in the city. I’m in there pretty much every day for either a run or long walk. Every season it’s stunning. Romantic and peaceful. And the squirrels are out of their minds and always make fun viewing. Seems like a stressful life being a squirrel in Central Park. 
  3. The museums – We’re so spoiled here with the museums. I’ve visited them all a million times and still get so much joy from a day at the museum. The Met, The Frick, MOMA, The Whitney, Natural History Museum, all the smaller art galleries in Chelsea, Brooklyn and across the city. It’s the best. So much incredible art. So much talent. So much inspiration. 
  4. Broadway and the Theatres – doesn’t really need much explanation. I’ve adored theatre since I was a wee lad. I actually wrote a play that was performed in high school and currently have several musicals that I’ve written in early production here in New York. So being in the thick of all these genius’ and being able to walk from my apartment to the theatre district and watch whatever masterpiece is currently being performed by some of the best actors in the world is very special. 
  5. Walking around it  – I love the city. Every inch of it. And so one of my favourite things is just walking around it. And you really do walk. A walk to Soho and back for me is about 13 miles and I’ll happily do it on a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Every block has something going on. Something to see. Something to feel. Full of energy, people, moments. Full of life. Every city block. 

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