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Bayou Bandits. See What Happened Was….

When you think of Phoenix Arizona, you think of cactus, rattle snakes, and the desert climate. So, how did a band named Bayou Bandits end up there? It’s a bit of a long story. See, what happened was…..

Joshua Strickland and Jeremy Magid sat down for a very interesting and often multilevel interview. Joshua Strickland, originally from Walker, Louisiana in Livingston Parish, located somewhere between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, still has his distinct accent. When asked via the colloquialism How’s you Mama an dem? His answer made me hungry. “She’s great, probably cooking up some crawfish.” Joshua is a registered nurse and has a son who was born while he was in the army. When the relationship with his son’s mom didn’t work out, he decided to move from Louisiana to Arizona to help raise him. “We pushed the pirogue through the swamp to the desert.”

Gasoline their newest release, is the anthem to anyone who has ever told you that you can’t accomplish something it’s sort of an f you to the haters the critics saying you don’t deserve it we are the indie band. Those that doubt you it’s a punch in the mouth for them. Said Jeremy.

Being a registered nurse certainly put Joshua on the forefront of the covid-19 pandemic. Jeremy elaborated on the abrupt halt to performing. “We were just finishing a headlining show in Biloxi, and were in New Orleans when we got the call that everything was shutting down.” When they were playing real shows even with covid precautions, Joshua faced harsh criticism being called a hypocrite for being a healthcare worker and performing at the same time. He did do a live stream but admitted it was bizarre. “The energy isn’t there and you’re playing to a virtual audience.”. There’s just not much to feed off of. While he honors all the restrictions he admits some may be overboard. “I am in covid’s face everyday some of this is too much.”

Recently Bayou Bandits signed a recording contract and are going into the studio to record an EP near the end of spring titled “Arizona Stepson”. “We came up with this title simply because the State of Arizona just practically adopted us like family. Jeremy and myself are simply transplants I’m from Louisiana and he’s from Jersey.”

All during the interview I could hear bits and pieces of sounds that were resembling a mad scientist in his laboratory which prompted to the question of what Joshua was up to that day and if he needed to break from the interview early since we kept going down different roads, not necessarily music related. “I’m just tinkering in my garage. I’m making an electric washboard.” Those who don’t know, that is a go-to rhythmic instrument in the state of Louisiana. It’s the core background rhythms for most Zydeco music, although I’d never heard of anyone making an electric one. Joshua is a big Dr John fan. The artist passed away a few years ago. Joshua decided that he would incorporate the washboard sound into several previous recordings. Thus prompting the design of an electric version for a new way to do it and the results have been pretty promising. Off we went on another conversation about local music, Mardi Gras Steel Panther. and tequila. Things we all love.

These are great guys with talent to go around with their deputy and personality. To sum things up Jeremy uses the phrase “We’ll melt your f****** face off. I tend to believe that. There’s one sure way to find out. Catch them playing with the wild feathers March 23rd at the Marquee theater in Tempe Arizona



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