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Taylor B-W drops pop banger ‘In Ur Net’.

Aussie Taylor B-W from Sydney has just released an indie R&B fused single called ‘In Ur Net’. Right from the first note this engaging song makes it point with attitude! ‘In Ur Net’ should be on rotation in clubs, what an amazing dance track! I adore Taylors vocal sound, it is strong with a direct approach lyrically. Meaning wise, it delves in a deep exploration of obession and tells a real story. Taylor explains that here

“Like most of my songs, ‘In Ur Net’ is a fun, danceable pop song on face-value, however, behind the shininess, I delve into something deeper. This song is my take on how obsession and desire for someone can transform into delusion and mania.

In Ur Net’ is for anyone who has experienced an uncontrollable obsession and lust for someone who they know doesn’t deserve them. It’s like you are stuck in deep water, trying to swim up to the surface, but something keeps sucking you deeper and deeper, giving you tunnel vision.”

I really hope that radio stations in Australia pick up this gem of a song. It deserves to rise up the charts and beheard all over the world. If you feel you need an energy pick me up, ‘In Ur Net’ will help get you moving! Take a listen to ‘In Ur Net’ here.


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