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Cody from ‘Set it Off’ takes some time out on Warped Tour to chat to Jen about their album ‘Upside Down’

American rock band, Set It Off has announced details of their new album Upside Down,which will be released on Friday 7 October 2016 through Rude Records.
 “We are all extremely excited to be releasing our new record Upside Down, and for the world to finally hear what we’ve been working so hard on for the past year. We are anxious for fans to hear our new songs, as they are our most mature work to date. We had the opportunity to write with Alex Gaskarth who is both an inspiration and a friend to the band. We’ve challenged ourselves to break down genre walls – pulling influences from pop, hip-hop and R&B. Brace yourself – this is Set It Off at the pinnacle of our careers.” Set it Off
Photography by Jon Weiner
Upside Down was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producers Brandon Paddock (Panic! At The Disco, Avril Lavigne, Pentatonix), Erik Ron (Saosin, Panic! At The Disco) and Mike Green (5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low). It was chosen as one of the “Most Anticipated Albums of 2016” by Alternative Press Magazine and is now available for pre
order by visiting
Set It Off - Photo 1 JonWeiner lores1

Hi Cody, thanks for taking some time out with your hectic time on Warped Tour.You seem to be having a lot of fun on Warped tour, how is that going?

It is going Fantastic! I have been jumping offstage a lot of times and climbing on a lot of people! Warped is such a great live show as you get to interact with the crowd. The energy of people is really high, no matter how you are feeling, like I’m recovering from bronchitis, I just keep going, I have a lot of medicine. The crowd get so into it, I just love it!

Yeah I have been watching a lot of videos of you and it seems you are having a blast. Actually you guys are amazing with your videos, there were so many for me to watch to do my research!

Thank you! It is our boy Callum, he has done videos for us in the past and he is really good at what he does.

You have announced that you are releasing your new album in October, the way the year is flying it won’t be long till it is out.

It was chosen by Alternative Press Magazine as “Most Anticipated Album of 2016. That is pretty cool! How did that make you feel having that under your belt already?

It feels incredible!  I mean I grew up wanting to feature at all in that magazine, it is really an honor. But also at the moment, is quite stressful, usually that is how I feel with every albumI feel really nervous, I worry about what people are going to think but I have to be honest with you I have never been more calm and excited and just confident about this release. Don’t get me wrong we are taking some risks definitely but I know the quality of the songs, I know from showing it to different types of people and friends what the reaction should be like. I’m just excited now I am ready to just release it!

I am an All Time Low fan, I have met them a few times now and their shows are insane. What was it like working with Alex Gaskarth?

Alex? Oh hell yeah! I love Alex! I will tell you a little about our history, I was in a band at College and Alex used to watch cover their songs and watch my covers and I was a massive fan. One day he let me sing  on stage with them in Cleveland when they did their EP tour and it showed me that this is what I need to be doing, so I dropped out of college to chase my dreams and my parents accepted that and my dad had accepted this right before he passed to chase my dreams and so I started ‘Set it Off’. So to see things come full circle and write something new with Alex about an issue, I mean we were both writing the song lyrics about our commute which is really neat to me,  and learning about how to ignite our career to become the next act. It was really really fun. It was also r
eally good to see how he wrote as I used to wonder that when I was younger and now he gets to see that in me too and we have mutual respect for each other’s bands and we keep up wi2th what each other are doing and was really fun. He would write a melody and I would write a melody and then we would get stuck because we would like all of the melodies that we had. At one point we had to take a break and we took an hour to play a computer sports game and he kicked my arse!  Then we came back and then we thought oh this is the melody that we needed and then it just flowed and came out quickly. It was a really good fun experience. I know that he liked the track.

Anytime they come here, I am always there!

Yes they put on a great show too.

You have challenged your selves to break down some genre walls and have drawn from pop, hip hop and R&B. I really like this sound, however there are some negative comments on your facebook page. There will always be people unhappy but how do you deal with that negative feedback?

Well here is the thing about change, everyone is afraid of what they don’t understand and what I used to. Before comments like that would terrify me and it would make me think that my career is going to end and the whole record was going to flop or something like that but I don’t feel that way about this record. I really don’t. If you just think about this. Listen to ‘Cinematics’, there is a song on it called ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead and then go to the following album ‘Duality’ and listen to the song ‘Bad Guy’ and play them back to back and tell me that that isn’t the craziest difference in genre that you have ever heard in your life. Those two albums were back to back. we have some negative comments however our fans grew when I said before I would freak out about it, with Duality because we rolled the dice and took some risks, musically  I am not afraid. I love this album, I love what we’re doing and we are taking any avenues that are opening up for us so if people are unhappy right now and maybe they don’t love the album right now but I think if they give it some time they will fall in love with that. But I know the majority of people are really into it so that’s what I care about!

Your music video for ‘Something New’ is the best music video ever!!!   It is amusing, original and connects to the song with every word. (both laughing)

How much fun was it to shoot? It seems like it was heaps of fun. I mean playing in a van!

We shot that a few days before Warped Tour. Tony who does our videos, and what we heard up doing was also because we did not have to act. it was just us having fun! We were going again this place called Gator Land but we did not know if we were able to touch the snakes and spiders. Playing in the van we were actually driving to Orlando. So we saw this exotic pet shop before we got onto the highway and we just went in and asked them, “we are shooting a video can we touch some snakes and spiders and they were so cool, we try to pay them and thank them but they wouldn’t accept any money. It was nuts!

It was such a blast because it didn’t involve acting. It was just us being ourselves, goofing off, and having the time of our lives.  

Is there an amusing story that you can share?  Anything that went wrong?

I think the most amusing part was riding the sling shot ride with Dan who’s afraid of heights. It’s not like we just showed up and he got on. There was a line. So we showed up and he watched 4-5 other couples do it, screaming their asses off the whole time, so it raised his anticipation and it made it that much better hahaha. 

I really feel for Dan, I have a massive fear of heights and can’t fly for that reason. He was so brave. At the end when you see him going up I seriously feel sick every time I watch it!

Hahaha Yeah he handled it well. A true champ. It’s crazy what we’ll do for our fans. 

Recently, you released a new song, Life Afraid, I must say that I can really connect to the lyrics ”I am sick of being sick and tired” kicked off my interest. I think that many people will be able to really connect to this song.

Is there one song off the new album that you connect to the most? 

Thank you so much! I’m really excited about Life Afraid and it’s message. We wrote it on a really dark day for us, the day of the Paris attacks. We played Le Bataclan, the venue where those hostages were held and it was a wake up call that it could’ve happened to anyone. Could’ve happened to us. And it scared me. Terrified me. But I refuse to let the actions of those terrorists keep me from doing what I love or pursuing my dream. I wasn’t going to write that day but I felt like the world needed a song like this. We need a reminder that being afraid is ok but it doesn’t have to rule your life. 

Great message. I agree!

Awesome album design, not just the upside part but the matching of the light blue, who designed this cover for you?

Thank you! Actually I did haha. I made a really terrible drawing of my idea and then Jonathan Weiner photographed it and put it together! I’m very pleased with how it came out. 


I really enjoyed watching some of your tour videos. I usually am searching for info for an interview but you guys I could have done a couple hours of interview! 

Thanks heaps for taking time out to answer some questions.You guys seem such a fun happy band.

Thanks again, we like to have fun with our interviews. Sometimes we get carried away and end up derailing with jokes haha but regardless it’s been a pleasure and thank YOU for having me on. Hope to see you and everyone down under very soon! 

I wish you well for your album release. I really like it.

Thanks, it means a lot.

Cheers, Jen

Upside Down Track Listing:

Something New
Life Afraid
Upside Down
Diamond Girl
Tug Of War
Admit It
Never Know
Me w/o Us

Instagram @setitoffband

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