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Set it Off ‘s ‘Upside Down’ is an album that you must have if you love great pop rock with some attitude.

This album is worth the wait. From catchy inspirational tunes to relatable lyrics that make you consider what you really want and encourage you to not live your life afraid this album is a must on your playlist.  Their first single ‘Something New’ and their second ‘Life Afraid is a great indication of how this album sounds. I give this album 4 and ½ stars and have had it on repeat since I have had it.  For fans of All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and Simple Plan.

This punk rock band from Tampa, FL have their album ‘Upside Down’ set for release on the 7th of October. I had a chat to Cody while Set It Off was playing at Warped Tour. You can read that here. A great chat to a really down to earth guy.

The opening track ‘Something New’ was co-written with Alex Garskath from All Time Low. You can feel his presence in the song and this super catchy tune has a great video that you can see here. This song encourages people to try something new and the video supports this by the band members facing their fears and trying new things. This theme of inspiring is continued throughout ‘Upside Down’ The second track ‘Uncontainable ‘has an ‘Fall out Boy’ sound to it, which will satisfy pop punk listeners. ‘Life Afraid’ was the second single off the album and is for me one of the stand out track off this album. Why should we live our life afraid? Listen to this track if you feel you feel you are.

Best song off the album? Hard to choose but the way I am feeling at the moment the song ‘Hypnotized’ is the one I am listening too. If you like a song with some rap in it that you can learn all the words to and use it as a F&*k you song then this song is for you! So tomorrow the song that I think is best will probably change and I feel that this is a good sign that the album is going to be a hit.



Sick of waiting for this album? You will forget the wait as soon as you put on the headphones and lay back to listen or blast in in your car. It is a feel good album and so much more. In the mean time take another look at the awesome video.



41/2 Stars out of 5.

Written by Jen Rees

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