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Freda chats with Joe Slater about his new single “Lonely”, coming from The Beatles’ hometown and more

Fresh from his sold out headline show at The Garage, Highbury, and ahead of his first ever UK tour, Liverpool born artist Joe Slater is set to launch ‘Lonely’, the lead single from his spine tingling EP Floatin’.

The explosive first single is an intoxicating mix of soulful vocals with
organic homegrown introspection. This combined with honest songwriting and deep emotion has seen ‘Lonely’ already garner support from BBC Introducing and BBC Merseyside.

Locked away in his recording studio alongside musical comrades we see Slater cooking up a melodic storm. The video for the single depicts Slater in his element. Utilising his northern upbringing and embodying it’s music culture.

Slater combines his eclectic sound with a Rock n’ Soul effect, with the result being his own distinct, signature stamp on this single, as well as an insight into the inspiration behind his lyrical dexterity.

‘Lonely’ is taken from Slater’s latest EP release Floatin’, a 5 track project packed with sounds and moods that will leave music lovers yearning for more.

It was a pleasure to have a chat with Joe Slater recently about his new single “Lonely” and his natural passion for creating music. Read below!


Hi Joe, greetings from Music Injection!  Really digging your single “Lonely” from your brand new EP Floatin’.  How has the response been to the EP since it was released in June?

The response to far on the EP has been great man. Loads of people are buying it, everybody’s loving the music, it’s going really good man.


The songs on the EP sound very fresh, original and personal.  What does Floatin’ mean to you?

FLOATIN’ … Yeah all the songs on there are very fresh and real. It’s basically where I’m at right now in my life. But however there is a very deep philosophical meaning behind “FLOATIN” and in the “intro”.  I really tried to get that meaning across.


When did you start making music?  What inspired you?

I started making music, properly.. Like writing my own songs when I was about 14/15. Before then I was teaching myself instruments since the age of 9. But what really ‘inspired’ me to write songs and become a musician I don’t know.. I’m a very big believer in that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. And I truly believe I had no choice, I was made to be a musician and I’ve never once questioned it. It’s mad to be honest.


Has being from Liverpool – a city internationally known for music and a culture capital of Europe – been a fuel for your musical passion?  Are you proud to come from The Beatles’ birthplace?  (Hence your Beatles t-shirt in the video for “Lonely”!)

Yeah man, I love Liverpool and I am I proud to be a scouser. I think the north west of England has always had a unique style of music (oasis, stone roses, Beatles ect..) and that plays a big part of me as a musician. Liverpool is a great musically cultured city and we have the Beatles to thank for that.


In your videos I’ve seen you play not only guitar but also drums and piano – how many instruments do you play?  Which one is your favourite?

I play drums, piano, guitar, ukulele and a bit of harmonic on the side. The reason we done this in the video was to show that. Like I played the drums on the whole EP.. I’m not a drummer as such but the music is in me, not the instrument. So therefore it’s limitless.


joe-slater-02.jpgWhat is your song writing process like?  Do you write all on your own?

The songwriting process for me is very hard to explain. I try my best not to over think it, I just do it. All of my songs are what I call sub conscience songs. When I write them I just vomit them out over the melody… And what I say there and then is what the lyrics are. They just come out and it’s all sun conscience thought. It’s a good technique if you can really master it you know.


You’ve got a whole string of tour dates lined up including the Coffee House Tour, Manchester Pride festival, The Big Festival and Camper Calling family festival.  Wow!  How are you gearing up for these shows?

Yeah man, I’ve been doing a lot of great shows recently. And everyone of them have been great, I’m just ready to do more and keep staying out there man.


What do you love most about playing live?  What can fans expect from these shows?

The thing for me is right, when I perform my own songs.. Might do one cover but that’s it. Only my own tunes. And for me I use for  the way it should be used for. I give them my soul man and I light that energy throughout the whole audience. I connect with the people man, through the power of music. So expect to forget your troubles and just enjoy the music when you come to my shows.


Do you have any releases prior to the Floatin’ EP?  If so, where can fans find them?

Yeah check out my first EP called “A Hard Night’s Graft” on my soundcloud. Just search it you’ll find it.


Thanks for your time answering these questions!  Have a great time at the upcoming shows!

For more on Joe Slater:

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