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The Velvet Addiction release flirting music video for single “I Won’t Go”

Boiling, Melbourne outfit The Velvet Addiction have released a flirting music video for their brand new rock track I Won’t Go.

To celebrate the release of I Won’t Go and to help launch the track into the stratosphere The Velvet Addiction will be playing special shows in Sydney at Frankies’ Pizza on Saturday, June 24 and Melbourne at Revolver on Saturday, July 8.

I Won’t Go is the second track The Velvet Addiction has ever released and it shines a brighter light on the strengths of lyricist and vocalist Stefan West.“It’s about unwavering support in any kind of relationship. Its about saying; I’ll be there no matter what, until the end,” said vocalist, Stefan West

These themes of loyalty and support are a key to The Velvet Addiction‘s fever inducing songwriting and life as a band. “In the end, whatever the outcome, it’s that love can and will conquer all,” said West.
Putting the heart-feels to the side for a moment, these boys know how to throw a cracker of a show and I Won’t Go delivers the high-energy, butt-shaking rock that The Velvet Addiction lands so naturally!

“We spent all of a couple of hours putting this track together and we just left it as it was, it feels like everything is in its place. The message is loud and clear; you can shake your ass to this song! It’s how rock’n’roll should be,” said guitarist, Aaron Bach.

It’s early days for this misfit band of classic-rock powerhouses but off the back of their killer debut single Take Me Back they’ve already scored love from ABC’s RAGE, Triple M and played to packed shows across Victoria and New South Wales.

It’s safe to say Australia has caught The Velvet Addiction!

“This group would not be out of place in any rock-lovers playlist. A genuine, rock cracker. Actually genuine period!” — Ugly Phil, Triple M
Good things never usually come of a substance-fuelled night out, but this four-piece, rock’n’roll band wouldn’t be the same without its shady past. Guitarist Aaron Bach and singer Stefan West met in the murky blur of a local Melbourne bar, bassist Lukas Harris joined though shared musical history and drummer Kieran Howle was initiated after a boozy night out. Sharing dark pasts, it was from the rubble of family violence, broken homes and way too much of a good thing that The Velvet Addiction rose. The formation of this nostalgic, sweat dripping leather ripping band is proof that rock’n’roll can shake life back into an ugly soul.

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