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Josh Setterfield tells Jen about what he is up to now and shares his new music video for ‘Hometown’.

After just one year and one EP Josh Setterfield has achieved great milestones as a ‘new country’ artist on the scene. The singer/songwriter unveils his next single and music video for his song ‘Hometown’.

This song is just the beginning of what this young and exceptional songwriter is capable of. Debuting on country radio show Planet Country on New Country station The Wolf. Hometown is the first release from the much-anticipated second EP ‘From Dusk’. Setterfield says “Hometown is hopefully for everyone to relate to, everyone has that one place which they came from, which they long to go back to, a place that defines who they are – it is this feeling which I have tried to capture in the song.”

Josh’s warming vocal tone nestles into the soft acoustic guitar arrangement. Coupled with the collaboration of slide guitar and strings which creates exceptional dynamic to the song that moves the story along lyrically and musically; delivering an ambient new country sound and feel.


Hi Josh,
Things are moving pretty fast for you at the moment, how are you coping with the momentum gathering pace for you as a solo artist? Playing at the Deni Ute Muster in September no less!
They are! I’m absolutely stoked with how things are going! It’s very different to my past of being a vocalist and 1/5 out of a band, but I’m definitely loving it and having a ton of fun exploring something new.


I have known you since the early day of Call the Shots. How times have changed! You have evolved and mature as an artist. This must have been a tough time when the band broke up. Did you take a break in between you being in Call the Shots and a solo artist?

Honestly, Call The Shots splitting up killed me as I’d worked so hard for so many years to make it work, but nope, no break!
I actually had majority of my solo EP written AND recorded about a year before Call The Shots came to an end.
At the time it was just an experiment to me to see how I could write in a different genre and explore something new.
When CTS came to an end, I thought, why not! Let’s give it a go!
And honestly, it was the best move I could have made for myself both personally and as an artist.


You guys have all stayed friends I have noticed on Facebook. That’s good.

Yeah Riley and I, especially!
We still hang out a lot and he is actually in my live band when I play wit a backing band at shows, so even though country rock isn’t really his first choice of music, we still love making music together.


You are no stranger to Festivals, Australian Tours and Media attention. Do you think you are perceived to be a different type of artist now you have crossed over to you new genre County/Pop Rock?

Honestly, I’m not sure how people take me and that is 100% fine with me.
I just make music that I love, and however people want to see that is fine with me.


I know that you write all your songs, have you continued do everything by yourself? The recording and mixing etc?
Yep! So far everything you hear is me! From the writing, producing, recording, mixing and all instruments on my recorded songs!
The only thing I haven’t done is Master my tracks. I had a great friend, Drew Brown who is based in Melbourne master my tracks and give me a few pointers


To be honest it took me a little while to get used to listening to your new style. I am not big on change! I think of one for your main inspirations, Good Charlotte and how they have changed their sound and they have coped a lot of criticism. Have you had anyone that has not liked your transition and been vocal about it?
Yeah definitely, I mean, going from playing fast, angry, teen Pop-Punk style music to a chilled out, laid back, but sometimes party Country-pop/rock vibe, there’s gonna be a lot of people with different opinions on it, and honestly that’s fine!
People like what they like and if they’re not a fan of my new stuff, my old stuff will always be there for them to listen to.
I feel like my new genre is the type that a lot more people can enjoy and relate to.
As soon as you mention the word ‘Country’ a lot of people are instantly turned off and that honestly sucks.
Because country isn’t just ‘my dog died, cows, tractors and hay bails’ anymore.
A lot of ‘country’ doesn’t even sound like the stereotype anymore.
It more just focuses on a story that you can picture in your head, and I think that’s why I became so in love with it, because it’s something you can lose yourself in and really feel the emotion of a song.
People should definitely give it a shot


If so do you have strategies to deal with the negatives of social media?


Not really haha.
Anyone can have their opinion.
I’ll always listen to it, but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna change what I’m doing


Planet Country has stated  “A friend referred us to Josh as he knew we were looking for Australia’s male country pop star! What a breath of fresh air Josh is… we have been looking for Australia’s answer to Thomas Rhett, Sam Hunt or Chris Lane to promote.” 
Feeling the pressure much? Haha.
Hahaha in some ways, yeah definitely.
But if people like what I’m doing now, well I’m just gonna keep on doing just that.


No seriously this is a honor that they feel this way. I have always thought of you as a tornado rather than a breath of air.  

Let’s be real, I’ll always be a bit crazier than just the normal.


Have to mention you supporting Shannon Noll, a few times now, an Australian Icon, how was that experience?
Loved every second of it!
Shannon is one of the most down to earth people I’ve met in any genre of the music industry, and his voice is absolutely killer!
Stoked to call him a friend! Get out to one of his shows and check him out live!

Your debut EP ‘Live It Up’, gave us the single ‘Day and Night’ which was received well at Tamworth Country Music Festival earlier this year. This single was exactly what a debut single should be, enough to turn heads and leaving fans wanting more. Can you give us an insight into the writing and the inspiration of this song? 
Day and Night actually was written about a past love and how I was feeling at the time.
It’s basically a story of how we met and the feelings I felt the first time being around her.


Everyone who has grown up in a small country town in Australia will be able to connect with your new single ‘Hometown’ I love the way that even with your change of genre I can still relate to the songs you write. It is different than most songs about hometowns, the fact that you feel that your childhood home is paradise to you and you want to be there is refreshing.  I bet this song and music video meant a lot to your parents?
Oh, you have no idea. Every family member that has spoken to me about the song has loved it. I didn’t expect to get this good of a response from everyone to be honest! It’s been amazing!


The music video has a sense of simplicity to it but it supports the meaning of the song well. It was shot in your actual home town which really does capture where the inspiration for this song came from. The lake, the jetty and sitting on the patio with your Pop is so Australian. Love it.
Yeah, Pop’s smile when he watches that video couldn’t be bigger or prouder.
Same with my Nan. I think they were pretty
Happy with my choice of song and lyrics haha


Can you take us through what it was like going home and shooting the video?


It was honestly great to be back there and filming there was a lot of fun!
I had my grandparents help out with the filming as well as being in the music video also, and they were more than happy to help. It was hard to fit all my little memories into the one song though!



What is next for you? Tell us your shows that have already been locked in for the rest of the year.

I’ve got the big one! Deni Ute Muster at the end of September.
And two more shows with Shannon Noll, August 11th at Hamilton Hotel, Brisbane and August 12th at North Leagues Club in Kallangur
And a couple of shows in the works that will be announced soon!


Josh, I wish you all the best. Knowing you for so long, I am watching your music career and feeling proud of you, like an Aunty I guess! Keep being yourself and writing those songs that I connect to so well.



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