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Loudwire Awards Preview: Best New Artist Nominee sits down to talk to Belinda at Louder Than Life

Photography below by Belinda Reedy

You’d have to be completely out of the loop of festivals in the US to have missed Ded this year. With the exception on Welcome to Rockville and Fort Rock in late April, Ded had been a touring machine. I first heard some buzz about them after their show at Rocklahoma from some of the bands I was working with on the third stage “The Ded guys are killing it over there” and I saw the Ded guys in the press area, they were awesome, but their contacts freaked me out”. I decided the next time I worked press I would make sure to catch the set and maybe have a chat with them. That was Chicago Open Air and I loved them. We had just a moment for hellos and a few photos, so I finally caught up with them at Louder Than Life in Louisville Kentucky. They had an unbelievable reception. Joe Cotela, David Ludlow, Matt Reinhard and Kyle Koelsch couldn’t be happier.

As far as the eye could see, people made the long trek to the Zorn stage, which was on the opposite end of the venue’s main stage to not only see Ded perform, but to sing clearly and loudly their songs. After the set I asked them how that felt. Joe, their lead singer was amazed and grateful. “From the stage, we couldn’t see the end of the crowd, and hearing them singing back the chorus (of Remember the Enemy, their latest release), incredible.” Their video, directed by Fred Durst, has helped the already great song reach the masses.  “Fred Durst killed it.” Said Joe and “it was filmed in an abandoned zoo in LA, creepy.”

That’s not the only thing they have to be excited about. This year they are in the running for “Best New Artist” from Loudwire. Joe, who did most of the talking seems to almost have a feeling of how surreal that is to a fan turned star. He referred to Loudwire as the “Tastemaker” and being a part of it was “so rad”.  When asked if they could have ever imagined as children walking up the carpet with the likes of Sammy Hagar and Rob Halford all of them agreed that “no way and a dream come true” certainly was accurate. Dave chimed in playing the third stage was still an incredible feat as they only have one CD and it’s been out just three months. “Put us on and stage and we’ll play it we don’t care.” Was his statement when asked if they thought they might belong on the bigger stage since they have been so successful recently. There’s no denying thy have been on an incredible journey upward.

Their sense of humor is certainly alive and well. When asked what they would be doing if they weren’t playing music, Dave answered that Kyle would probably be “teaching cats to do erect backflips” which was part of a conversation Kyle Initiated with his question, “What if cats can do perfect back flips.” Kyle says he comes up with those type of thoughts frequently. (He is a blonde.)  He also said “He’d probably be teaching,” but “not math.” Dave would most likely be “a detective or forensic scientist,” and Joe would be a graphic designer. He would like to have done t-shirts for bands, but from what I see that’s a long time away if it happens at all. Ded is keeping him busy and their fan base is growing in epic proportions.

As far a crazy tour moment goes, drinking tequila notwithstanding, Dave seeing a ten-year-old girl crowd surf makes the top of his list thus far. For Joe, it’s had to be when Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor himself came to side stage and put the microphone in his face during a song to invite him to sing, and he didn’t know anything but the chorus and had to admit it to Corey, Corey simply said “Ok, Cool” and kept going.  Jokingly I said if Corey had put the microphone in my face I’d have forgotten the lyrics too. Kyle chimed in that “If Corey put anything in your face you’d forget it.” NICE… Their next few months aren’t slowing down either with appearances at the Loudwire awards pre party, Oz Fest, Knot fest, Monster Aftershock, a home show in Arizona, and Ship rocked, I’m not sure when they will find time for anything else. I look forward to many more offerings a performances.


Ded Upcoming Shows & Festival Appearances
10/12 – Capones – Johnson City, TN w/Gemini Syndrome
10/14 – Stickyz – Little Rock, AK
10/15 – Revention Music Center W/Stone Sour – Houston, TX
10/17 – The Perch @ Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX
10/20 – Big Red Night Of The Dead – Fear Farm Festival Grounds – Phoenix, AZ
10/21 – Kino’s Veterans Memorial Stadium – Tucson, AZ
10/22 – Aftershock – Sacramento, CA
10/23 – Loudwire Music Awards Pre-party – Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
10/24 – The Loudwire Music Awards
11/5 – Ozzfest Meets Knotfest – San Bernadino, CA

Pop Evil Dates
11/16 – Manchester Music Hall – Lexington, KY
11/17 – Oddbody’s – Dayton, OH
11/18 – House Of Blues – Cleveland, OH
11/20 – Jergel’s – Pittsburgh, PA
11/21 – The Forge – Joliet, IL
11/24 – KC’s Time Out Lounge and Grill – Evansville, IN
11/25 – The Regency Live – Springfield, MO
11/26 – Sammy T’s Music Hall – Huntsville, AL
12/1 – Apollo Theater – Belvidere, IL

1/18/18 – Shiprocked

Connect with Ded
Official Website
Smart URL to all streaming/sales outlets
Bands In Town


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