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CONNOR flaunts R&B potential in dark new single “All Bad” ft. J.O.N

All Bad accentuates the dark, moody and intense qualities of R&B, while its delicate composition gives it a calm vibe that is effectively captivating.”
— Music Injection

Young, Melbourne producer Connor has followed up his light, ethereal tune Around You ft Krue with a deep-drive into darkness with new single All Bad ft J.O.N; a brooding jam about frustration and lost love.

For Connor, it’s been a long journey bringing All Bad to its conclusion; the track lingering for months with the creative process not quite finished.

“Originally, the track was written about four months ago and was just sitting on my drive. It didn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, then I found Jon. Our diverse styles came together really well and added just what All Bad needed,” said producer, Darcy Thornycroft.

Working with lyricist Jon McGann was a learning experience for Thornycroft; seizing the chance to adapt and learn in a foreign genre of music.

“I have never worked with another male vocalist, nor with someone in the hip-hop scene. It was such a challenging experience, but it really help me grow as a producer,” said Thornycroft.

The story of All Bad is a personal one for McGann; using the track as an opportunity to vent his frustrations and disappointments through heartbreak.

“It’s the story of a broken relationship. Someone that brought you happiness has taken that away. If you’ve ever been in love, you’ll find yourself somewhere between the lyrics,” said McGann.

Connor is the new monkier from Darcy Thornycroft whose textured song writing and atmospheric production draws influences from the likes of SG Lewis, Atu and Ta-ku.

Darcy grew up in the serene country landscape of Daylesgord, Australia. He found music early in life, exploring art in the form of photography, design and music, and applying all of these elements into his tracks.

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