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Dig Exotic releases ‘Perfect’ and has a chat to Jen.

‘Perfect’ is a therapeutic masterpiece. Singing along to this helps the stress of past relationships leave my soul. 

Pop Rock/Indie Electronic project Dig Exotic is the creation of Los Angeles native singer, songwriter and record producer Rebecca Rosoff.


Exposition, her debut LP recorded in 2014 at The Velveteen Laboratory in Echo Park and produced by Louis Stephens (Rooney, LoFi Hawaii) is a collection of hook laden rock songs written over a decade during which Rosoff worked as a radio producer at iHeartRadio while playing in NYC-based Fresh Hearts and Brooklyn-based Tigereye. Exposition’s 10 songs, selected from a batch of 250 completed arrangements, are a series of intimate confessions delivered through an emotionally resonant mix of power pop guitar riffs, lusty vocals, thundering drums, and ethereal arpeggiated synths.

Her Act One EP, written, performed, tracked and mixed by Rosoff in 2016, abandons guitar and the organic soundscapes of Exposition to explore a moodier crosshatch of crunchy synths, layered harmonic vocals, gritty hip-hop samples and eerie ambient atmospheres.

Hi Rebecca, while I was researching you, I noticed that your sound has really evolved from your first record. Was this a conscious decision or is your sound evolving on its own?

Guitar was my first instrument — been playing for twenty years. However, Hip hop music and bands like Massive Attack and early Tricky were so influential to me. Because I produce everything myself and very quickly, the in the box production capabilities of electronic music are light years more efficient. I’ll hear a sample or tweak a synth sound that inspires me in a way my guitar tones don’t. That’s what’s driven my move into electronic. 

Passion is on your Act One EP; can Iassume that there are more EP’s to come similar to this one? Hope so!

 I used to be vehemently opposed to EP releases because as a music fan I’ve always felt so connected and inspired by entire LPs. However, because I’ve been very prolific as of late, I wanted to release a series of EPs titled Act One, Act Two, and Act Three. They are cohesive from a genre standpoint in their Electropop bent. Some darker than others. The original LP, “Exposition” is also in reference to the play naming conventions of the EP series. “Perfect” is the first single off of Act Two. I’ve already been cooking up the Act Three tracks which are far more dark and obscure — more inspired by bands like Liars and the Knife.

Was ‘Perfect written from personal experience? I can hear the passion and anger in your voice.

Yes, absolutely. Perfect was a song I produced during a very dark emotional bottom. I had just gotten out of a string of ten years of failed relationships with narcissistic women. 

This song is allowing me to release emotions which I like to do with music, very therapeutic. Was this something that you hoped that listeners would do?


 I have been making music on my own for twenty years and always kept it to myself — I was in bands but my solo works remained isolated. I’ve just started sharing them. The first two releases were actually completed between 2014-2016. All that is to say, I’m new to the concept of someone else emotionally connecting with my music and I can tell you it is a true joy and endlessly rewarding. 

You also have another music project, ‘Slow Roar’ can you share a song with us?  Is this a different genre? I must say you are very creative!

I have a project called Slow Roar with Sonny Lanegan. It’s a dark industrial inspired indie rock sound. We bonded over a shared love of NIN and the Kills and the songs just flowed from that point forth. 



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