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The Velvet Addiction return with windows-down new single “Diamond In The Sky”

18 April 2018 — The Velvet Addiction have released the music video for their new single Diamond In The Sky; a chill-out track filled with clean guitars that will have you winding down windowson those classic Aussie road trips.

Diamond In The Sky is the first slice off The Velvet Addiction upcoming, sophomore EP ‘Volume 2’, the follow-up to last year’s modern classic-rock jam ‘Volume 1’

The new single reflects The Velvet Addiction’s enduring positive attitude in the face of all the wrong and dark things in the world, together these men can weather anything!

Diamond In The Sky is about watching the endless search of someone looking forbeauty in all the wrong places,” said vocalistStefan West.

Delivering the signature style The Velvet Addiction have honed to a point in their twelve months together, Diamond In The Sky embody’s half their career’s work.

Diamond In The Sky was an idea that we had worked on over a six month period, playing it in various formations at shows. We took it into the studio and really went to town on it,” said guitaristAaron Bach.

“The minute that guitar locked in against the off-beat drums, it immediately became agroove. Our bassistLukas brought in the awesome bridge section with greatpsychedelic vibes.”

“From start to finish (The Velvet Addiction) is a rollicking good time and cements the group’s explosive rock-soaked vibes, but there’s also an endearing amount of heart infused through the blazing riffs and swaggering charisma.”
Tiana Speter – The Soundcheck Review

“Addiction is right, once you start you can’t stop.”
Mikayla Carmody – The Music

Good things never come of a substance-fueled night but The Velvet Addiction prove light can be found in the darkest of places, even in the flicker of a cigarette lighter. The four men uniting to overcome broken families and mental illness to heal together and move forward creating soul-lifting, denim ripping classic rock for the modern day.

Fresh on the scene, The Velvet Addiction were quick to establish their signature sound echoing rock’n’roll greats The Rolling Stones and more contemporary counterparts Jet. Debut single Take Me Back earned audiences with Australian rock radio juggernauts Triple M and Rebel FM, along with their debut EP ‘Volume 1’ lauded as ‘fast-paced, drum-heavy and distinctly Aussie’, going on to score features with MTV and RAGE.

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