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The Sweet Kill release emotional new single ‘Soul Satellite’.

When I first listened to ‘Soul Satellite’ I was blown away with emotion that I felt. It was no surprise when I read that the band had first hand experience of a suicide of a close friend and bandmate. The confusion, the will to live that has disappeared and the feeling of being lost in a place where no one else can help you is highlighted in this song. The music video to ‘Soul Satellite’ enhances the meaning of the song. The theme of embracing both dark and light because of the need for change and letting go is highlighted in the images of the person Pete needs to let go. We all have an internal battle between good and bad but some of us have it so much louder.


The Sweet Kills frontman Pete Mills is a lot of things, lead singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist but even more than those things is a genius in writing songs. ‘Soul Satellite’ is one of those songs. I must mention that his vocals are insanely amazing! If you are a fan of dark waves take a listen as The Sweet Kill are leading an evolution of a new wave. You can watch Die In Your Eyes and Radioactive music videos to check it out. With a tinge of 2 of my favourite bands, Joy Division and The Cure as well as the message ‘Soul Satellite’ I was destined to love it. Take a listen here. 

Keep up with The Sweet Kill on Facebook  here.

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