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The Statistics release new single called ‘Sparks In The Night’.

The Statistics have carved out a unique genre for themselves, a style of Americana Indie Rock. Brothers Darby and Erin Yule make up The Statistics. Starting out as a punk outfit, they worked on finding their own sound. From playing church basements to headlining Festivals The Statistic have come a long way since their first release back in 2016.

The EP that they have been working on called The Robson Street Hymns is due out Summer (Canadian time) this year.  Their single called ‘Sparks In The Night’ that has just been released is a catchy tune with driving guitar riffs. Vocal sound is amazing, in particular the chorus. Meaning wise it is about them being born in a dead end town but they work their way out of this town with hard work. Coined as “Indie Rock with the soul of the old 45’s your grandpa used to listen to” is actually a great description. ‘Sparks In The Night’ is one of the songs that once you listen to is a song that you will want to hear again and again. That certainly happed to me. Check out ‘Sparks In The Night’ here. 

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