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OX drops new single ‘Going Down’.

OX is a four piece band based in Karlsruhe. Their goal is for their music to draw from every life experience whether or not it is good or bad. OX has created a new sound, a mix of 90’s grunge and modern rock sounds. When OX are performing they capture their audience attention fully. OX are super excited to release their new album called ‘Breaking Point’. Their latest single called ‘Going Down’ is catchy tune with an engaging music video. I adore the vocal sound and how the guitar punctuates each vocal line. Overall ‘Going Down’ is a great song to listen to, perhaps best in the car on very loud volume. Take a listen to ‘Going Down’ here. 



OX was founded in 2015 by the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Simon Ochs, in part from the remainders of the Prog-Rock Band „Fire on Dawson“. As drummer Max Siegmund and bassist Niklas Reinfandt were already a perfectly matched team, taking on guitarist Nadir Zee added the final touch to the lineup.

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