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Laureline releases new single called ‘Wash’.

Indie pop band Laureline have just released their debut album and I totally adore the title single ‘Wash’. Listening to this beautiful love song makes me feel relaxed and have swirls of love towards my husband. Here is what Laureline say about ‘Wash”.

“Wash is the only love song on the album. However, It doesn’t say “I love you” as much as it says “You unlock an overwhelming sense of love within me.” It felt important that, despite the album primarily exploring loss, the name came from a deep sense of love and gratitude. “
I think this is why I love the song so much. It is not the run of the mill love song. It makes my heart really feel way much more than other songs about love. The actual album is about living in emotional incongruity, feeling things that contradict the other. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the ‘Wash’ album as if the songs are like ‘Wash’ I will love it!. 
Take a listen here to ‘Wash’. If you love indie pop then there is no doubt that you will love ‘Wash’.



Laureline is Chris Rasmussen, Ciera Bardowell and Marian Nutley.

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