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RIIKI releases new single ‘High Heights’.

Wellington born, 20-year-old RIIKI has brought her own unique sound to the indie pop world. Her vocal sound is extremely different from anything that I have heard. That is an amazing feat. With many influences such as Yellow Days, James Blake, JeffBuckley, Sampha, Mermaidens, Toro y moi, Steve Lacy and Jorja Smith, she combines all of them and adds her own sound to create her latest single called ‘High Heights’. I choose to review this song due to her vocal sound but also the catchiness of the song. Rikki produces all parts of her music herself and writes songs that are relatable to people around the same age. Being a teen or a young adult is difficult in this day and age and if you are in that age group perhaps Rikki’s music can make you feel less alone. Take a listen to ‘High Heights’ here.

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