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Andy Sharrock drops debut single ‘Guide Me’.

Brisbane songwriter Andy Sharrock has just released his debut single called ‘Guide Me’. I love the meaning of this song, depend on those who you love and need you most. Listening to ‘Guide Me’ I shut my eyes and let the lyrics wash over me. Of course, it helps that Andy’s vocals are wonderful to listen to as well. This song makes me stop and think about who the people are that I love and want to listen to the most. When Andy was growing up music was a refuge as where he grew up had domestic violence and substance abuse. His press release says this about him…

“This husband, father and storyteller once again finds himself sharing his music, experiences and wisdom with audiences far and wide. Guide Me has a simple yet powerful resonance, standing tall in truth and the traditions of folk.”

Well done Andy to use music as a way of coping with the challenges in your life. You have clearly mastered the guitar and I adore your debut song. I look forward to what comes next.

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