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clide drops new single ‘Lost’,

HIT prediction!

Half American 20 year old clive grew up in Berlin where he lives now and creates his music. He spent 2019 focusing on writing songs and playing them in underground clubs to see how they went. His debut single called ‘broken parts’ had over a million streams in 6 weeks! I was immediately engaged by his latest single called ‘lost’. Firstly by his amazing vocal sound, that is such a matter of fact style, telling us his feelings just like they are. clive’s vocals are definitely in my top 10 of vocal sounds that I really enjoy listening to. The relaxed style of vocal delivery and honesty in feeling lost sometimes is admirable. ‘lost’ uses the ocean as a basis for the lyrics. For example, “Like my breathing gets harder with my head under the water” and “I still feel like my feet won’t touch the ground”. Brilliant, meaningful lyrics that are very relatable. Take a listen to ‘lost’ here. 


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